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Hueytown Chamber of Commerce | Colby vs. Cancer … Cancer has no chance!
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Colby vs. Cancer … Cancer has no chance!

Colby Harris, a senior at Hueytown High School.  As a healthy, active, 17 year old, Colby was a youth leader and peer helper at school and a cancer diagnosis wasn’t on Colby’s radar. Colby had never been sick until he passed out at school one day. The next day was anything but normal; what started with a trip to the pediatrician escalated quickly to being in the ER and admitted to the hospital.

The initial diagnosis was Lymphoma due to a mass they spotted above his heart. The next morning Colby was told the mass was 4 inches wide. The mass was so big that it was pressing against his esophagus and had pushed his trachea to the left which was causing him problems swallowing.  Because of the size of the mass and its location, Colby would have several procedures the next day including spinal taps and bone marrow biopsies without sedation. These tests revealed the his diagnosis would be Leukemia and not Lymphoma.

Colby is now going through treatments on his 3 1/2 year treatment plan. Colby is currently taking online classes from home through Hueytown High School. He lost a good bit of weight, but through it all Colby has never lost his faith.   Recently, Colby finished a round of treatment and since then has gained back 23 pounds along with making significant improvements in other areas of recovery.  Always maintaining a great spirit, Colby now mentors other children that are going through similar treatments.  You’ll find him sitting, laughing and playing cards with many of these younger children.  He has said from day one that he would beat cancer and any other hurdle it might throw his way.  We are fighting with you Colby! And we’ve heard that you are a big Alabama fan, so tonight we are shouting a big Roll Tide for you!






  • Stacey Harris
    Posted at 22:17h, 05 December Reply

    This child amazes me more everyday. No matter what this terrible disease throws at him, he conquers it with a smile on his face He has more courage, strength, and determination of anyone I’ve ever met. I am truly blessed to have this child call me mom. I love you more than life itself son.
    #be brave

  • Debbie harris
    Posted at 23:50h, 05 December Reply

    Praying for you cobly granny loves you

  • Todd Dille
    Posted at 15:33h, 07 December Reply

    This kids my hero!

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