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Hueytown Chamber of Commerce | Which is Cuter? This Family … or their Story?
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Which is Cuter? This Family … or their Story?

Tiffany Kynard Townsend is a 2003 graduate of Hueytown High School. Involvement in the community has been a passion of hers since she was a young child. A Camp Fire Girl at heart, she has fond memories of visiting nursing homes, assisting with projects for those in need and always looking for ways to serve others. After graduating from the University of West Alabama, she married her college sweetheart Sean Townsend and they moved to Meridian, Mississippi. Tiffany began her career at Emeritus as the Marketing Director for Silverleaf Manor. The couple knew after only a year that they missed living close to family and being close to the city that she loves. After a relocation within Tiffany’s company, the couple moved back to the Hueytown community where they hoped to start a family.

The move brought lots of wonderful changes for the newlyweds. The birth of their first child, Taylor, in June 2009 and a career move to a position in hospice marketing. Life became all that she aspired it to be. She had accomplished what she thought would bring fulfillment. Excellent job, beautiful house, nice paychecks and still something was not right in Tiffany’s heart.

While on lunch break in between sales calls and waiting in the parking lot of the Hueytown Regions bank, Tiffany began to pray and cry out to God “Lord what do I do, what is your plan for me? I need your help and direction. Show me and guide me”.  The Holy Spirit responded “Open a Kids Consignment store”.  A little confused she asked, “Lord where”?  Then she heard “look across the street”. The phone call to her husband just simply said “I want to quit my job and open a Kids consignment store”. Tiffany said, “He never said no and has been supportive from day one. We viewed the open space that night and the Lord began to work in my heart. Never asking how, but always just saying yes to God is how I began to follow my path that He has given me”.

The opening happened so fast that it left most wondering how and why she would leave a stable life for one that was unknown. Tiffany said yes to God and Taylor Bug’s Kids Boutique & Consignment opened 2 months later in March of 2010. The store is named after her daughter Taylor who was named after her late Grandfather Paw Paw Taylor.

The 900-sq. ft. store opened with a few consignors, tags were hand written, and Tiffany was back in her hometown reconnecting with friends from her childhood. She felt the journey that got her to this point of her life showed it was all part of His plan. Tiffany says, “it’s a blessing to have former patients’ families visit the store and keep in touch. My experience in hospice and dementia was beneficial to me when my grandmother passed away this year. The Lord has a way of allowing many to go down paths that they don’t understand at the time, but serve a bigger purpose than they could dream”.

The small store grew over the years to now 2,400 sq. ft. in Hueytown and over 2,000 consignors. Taylor Bug’s provides families in the Hueytown community an opportunity to purchase quality items at discounted prices in a clean and organized environment.  From daycare, special events, homecomings and baby showers they sell it all, sizes newborn to tweens. Upgrades in the systems through the years have been very helpful and more efficient for the team at Taylor Bug’s. Hueytown now processes over 1,000 items a week. This could not happen without the amazing team members that work at Taylor Bug’s.  Tiffany says “the Hueytown manager Lauren Rucker keeps the store running smoothly and is a blessing to have on her team. She has a big heart and a love for people”.

Taylor Bug’s in Hueytown has a Pay it Forward board at the front door. Families that have items they no longer need (unopened formula, diapers, coupons and such) can leave those items for other families who may need them.

They also partner with Garrett’s Place in Bessemer to provide donations to foster children. Garrett’s Place provides an opportunity for foster children to come shop free for items they want and need before being placed into a foster home.

Tiffany and her husband now have two children Taylor and Tucker. They reside in Hueytown and say they feel blessed to serve their community together. They make a talented team running the business. Sean is a member of the Hueytown Park and Recreation Board and works with Fleet Professional Services.

Tiffany says, “Taylor Bug’s continues to grow and bless others because God continues to open doors and guide them”. The demand and love for Taylor Bug’s grew in January 2017 to the second location on Main Street in Gardendale, Alabama. The store is launching the third location in Old Town Helena in January of 2018. All three locations have a Facebook page where shoppers can purchase items.

One of Tiffany’s favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6  Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Tiffany says “her life is a testimony that when one follows their heart and seeks Him for direction, He will guide and show them the way. It will not always be easy and clear on how to proceed, but the first step of Faith is what will open the door”.

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