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Hueytown Chamber of Commerce | Leadership
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Rebecca W. Williams

Director, Hueytown Chamber of Commerce

Kathy Patton

Brookwood Baptist Health

Lisa Kriegel

1st Vice President
Avadian Credit Union

Sheri McFarland

2nd Vice President
City Auto Sales

Libby Williams


Current Hueytown Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Jamie White

Brown Heating and Cooling

George Hudson

Ranco Cleaners

John Lemak

Fitness 1440

John Morgan, M.D.

Brookwood Baptist Health Center

Herb Ritchie

Clinton H. Ritchie & Associates

Jim Wells

Regional Paramedic Services

Current Hueytown Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors


Cheryl Abney, Cheryl Amerson, David Amerson, Jane Bellew, Pam Blair, Sharon Blair, Tab Blair, Taylor Carter, Beverly Deadwyler, Jimmy Deadwyler, Karen Henson, Christi Caldwell Johnson, Debbie Kiker, Meagan Kiker, Janice Knowles, Janice Poole, Sam Poole, Mona Reeves